First Blog

First Post

I thought I’d better get something posted before I lose my nerve. Now that I am retired from pastoral ministry and no longer engaged in regular preaching, I will try my hand at the blog. My reasons for taking this plunge are several: 1. to keep me disciplined in my reading, studying, thinking, 2. to continue some kind of teaching ministry, which I hope this blog will resemble, 3. to give reports on my new job with Redeemer City to City from the various cities I will visit, and 4. to share reflections on 21 years of pastoral ministry and current learnings from my new life with RCTC. I’ve always wanted to write more, but lacked the time and discipline. Now I have a bit more free time- it’ll come in spurts, I think- and I will need to furnish the discipline to think and write effectively. We’ll see… The mind of man plans his way…I am kind of excited about this and eager to see how He directs the shape of these woodwords.

Don’t worry, these words will be my words, and I won’t attribute my bad writing and bad ideas to the Lord, but I hope and pray He provides guidance and inspiration for a useful contribution of writings over time. ( I think) I will be eager to get your feedback to what appears on these pages, so that I may continue to grow in wisdom and favor with God and man.

My goal is to post once a week, and in so doing I hope to bring updates and information on my work, and stimulate reflection, thought, and love and good works toward God and our fellow pilgrims.

CTC Report

I just completed a week in Birmingham AL, raising support for my ministry with City To City.  I agreed to raise half of my salary the first year, and they agreed to pick me up at 100% in the second and ensuing years. It is exciting to trust God in new ways. I think that’s one of the reasons I stepped away from NCCC, to be put into new situations where my faith could be challenged and strengthened. It’s not all excitement and pleasantry, as I am way out of my comfort zone in many ways. Having to trust God for our financial needs is a new challenge, but one that the Lord knew I needed. It’s been a great week. My beloved brother Billy set up several productive  appointments for me, and the response was very positive. I am close to reaching my goal, and may be there, depending on the response of some of the men I talked to this week. God is faithful. My next trip to Europe will be April 8-16, to Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and Lisbon.

Thanks for reading. More to come next week.