Summer in the Cities

After a busy spring, it’s been a fairly normal summer, with most of my time in Cincy and two trips to 3 U.S. cities.  We are still in an apartment, and have not found a house yet.  God is faithfully and patiently working with us, teaching us to be patient and to trust him with our housing needs. We tend to be impatient, after over a year of looking. But God has as plan, and we are praying for grace to be faithful and patient.

Becky and I have had trips to our parents in Hurricane WV and Birmingham respectively. We’ve done a good bit of babysitting for our 3 grandchildren, Becky has driven her parents to visit relatives in southern Illinois and I’ve played a few rounds of golf. IMG_0903

On August 2-9  I was in Los Angeles and San Francisco, learning about the leading churches, pastors, and church planting networks there. The first three days were in Los Angeles, the next three in the Bay Area. There is much activity in LA with several church planting networks active in a metro area of over 18 million people. We are hoping to get involved with several of these networks,  to provide training and consulting for future church planting efforts and cooperation between networks IMG_0913to make an impact in the city for Christ.

​San Francisco has a metro population of over 8 million spread out over the entire San Francisco-Berkeley-San Jose area. We were encouraged with the number of churches and pastors interested in the work of City to City and the potential of partnering together to make an impact for the gospel in the Bay Area.

In both cities we had the opportunity to have dinner with donors who are enthused about the work of City to City in their cities and beyond.

On August 24-26 I visited Chicago, again seeking to get to know the city, the church scene, the church planting streams, and the leading pastors in the metro area. Chicago’s metro population is 9.5 million, with large Hispanic and African American segments. Over a three day period I met ​with 6 pastors from several denominations, of several ethnicities, representing several church planting networks.IMG_0914

My trips to U.S. cities have largely been focused on listening and learning,  seeking  to discern where City to City can be most helpful in terms of catalyzing church planting and encouraging networks of churches to work together to make an impact in the city.  As you know, we love cities, because God loves cities and the Bible has much to say about cities. Life on earth began in a garden, and it will end in a city, the New Jerusalem. Meanwhile cities are increasingly where people are gathering and seeking to make a life for themselves. Our task is to take the gospel to and plant gospel-centered churches in the great cities of the world.IMG_0159

The Fall will be busy, and I plan to be more active in posting than I have this summer. There are trips to New York, Dallas, Houston, and two trips to Europe coming up in October and November.